Partizan Cloud Storage 

Partizan Cloud Storage is the service, allowing you to record video that works on Partizan cloud servers. With this service you can record and view video streams from IP Cameras or analogue DVRs without using local data storages.



  • There is no need to buy a video recorder and then worry that someone could steal or damage it.
  • With Partizan Cloud your system is confidential and 100% reliable!
  • You only pay for what you really need! You don’t have to pay for video channels you don’t use.
  • A very flexible system of tariff plans. Each client can choose the best recording mode for their needs and budget.

In order to use the service you have to install the Partizan Cloud Storage mobile app. It can be downloaded at the AppStore (for iPhone/iPad) and at the PlayMarket (for Android). After the installation and start-up, follow the instructions in the "Help" section.


+372 56860526info@megateh.eu
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