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Partizan 1MP Wi-Fi Videovalve komplekt: 4 x WiFi väli kaamerat + NVR


Partizan 1MP Wi-Fi Videovalve komplekt: 4 x WiFi väli kaamerat + NVR

Inside the Kit: 1. WiFi NVR ( WiFi IP network video recorder, 4-channel realtime record, 2.0 Mp support, 1xSATA (max. 4Tb)) - 1 pc 2. WiFi IP cameras (1.0 Mp, 1/4″ SOI, f=3.6mm, IP66 rating, IR - up to 30m) - 4 pcs 3. Power supply - 5 pcs 4. Mouse - 1pc 5. Lan cable - 1pc 6. WiFi antena - 5pcs 7. Mounting Kit - 1pc 8. Manual - 1pc
Tootekood 973
Tootja kood IP-21
Laoseis 3 tk.
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Videovalve - Valveseadmete müük

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It is a set of an inexpensive but functional system of video surveillance with wireless data transmission technology through Wi-Fi.

The 1.0MP Outdoor Wi-Fi set IP-21 4xCAM + 1xNV R is designed for outdoor installation of the camera, making it a great component of the monitoring system of the private house, offices, checkpoints or any small objects where an image quality and affordable price are important. Four video cameras and DVR, included with the set, are equipped with the wireless data transmission technology through Wi-Fi, simplifying and reducing the cost of mounting and allowing you to get rid of unnecessary conductors which often fail because of bad weather. The additional advantage of the wireless set is its mobility and capability to install it anywhere on the site.

Main units of this kit are four 1-megapixel video cameras with wide angle lenses, powerful infrared illumination for night recording and strong housings to protect the sensitive electronics from temperature, dust, and water; and 4-channel network NVR with FullHD recording in multiple modes, alarm notifications sending and extensive functional and network capabilities.

The main advantage of the wireless outdoor video surveillance 1.0MP Outdoor Wi-Fi set IP-21 4xCAM + 1xNVR is a successful combination of comfortable, reliable and high-quality work at a low price.

The main features of the set:
  • cameras with 1.0 MP resolution
  • can be used outdoor or in buildings without heating
  • it's possible to set up video surveillance on a 24 hours basis
  • cameras with fixed focal lens (f 3.6 mm)
  • Wi-Fi. Built-in antenna for wireless connection
  • mounting kit, power supply and ethernet cable are included. All you need for camera installation is already in the box!
The set includes:
  • Wi-Fi IP camera - 4 pcs
  • Wi-Fi NVR (recorder) - 1 pc
  • power supply - 5 pcs
  • mouse - 1 pc
  • UTP patch cord (1 m) - 1 pc
  • Wi-Fi antena - 5 pcs
  • mounting set - 1 pc
  • manual - 1 pc 
Easy-to-use software for controlling CCTV systems containing one or several DVRs and IP cameras.

Datasheet Outdoor Wireless Kit 1MP 4xI


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