ELDES EWKB5 Wireless touchpad


ELDES EWKB5 Wireless touchpad

ELDES EWKB5 is a battery powered professional wireless security touchpad with user-friendly interface and voice assistance
Код товара EWKB5
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Продукция отправляется со склада в Таллинне (Эстония) во все страны Европейского Союза и по всему миру в течение 1-2 рабочих дней. Время доставки по Европе обычно 2-7 рабочих дней.
Налогообязанные фирмы Европейского Союза освобождены от уплаты эстонского НДС.
В течение 14 дней можно вернуть товар, если он не был использован и находится в идеальном состоянии.

ELDES EWKB5 is a battery powered professional wireless security touchpad with user-friendly interface and voice assistance

  • Supply voltage 8-15V == 400mA max
  • Supported batteries 6 x 1,5V Lithium AA type FR6 (IEC) / 15LF (ANSI/NEDA)
  • Battery operation time ~14 months
  • Display 4.3in; 480×272 true-colour touchscreen
  • Wireless band ISM868/ISM915
  • Wireless communication range Up to 1000m in open areas

Easy, fast and intuitive

During the user experience test sessions our keypad received the highest ease of use rating compared to the other top sellers. Customizable menu makes it easy-to-control alarm system – the way user wants. High quality, fast and responsive touchscreen will meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

Wireless and battery powered

The keypad supports up to 6x 1,5V Lithium AA batteries, which can last for more than 14 months (if used only for arm/disarm twice a day). It can optionally be used as wired version (with 3x batteries as a back-up in case of power outage) to maximize its’ full potential. Having no wires makes it very flexible to install in places where cables are not possible and mobility of the keypad is top priority.

Voice assistance

The product has fully translated voice assistance in eight different languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Lovely voice will notify about entry and exit delays, arm and disarm confirmations, fire and panic alarm warnings.

Advanced settings menu

Only necessary information is shown in main menu for daily use. Configuration menu requires the master code and consists of configurable sound and LCD settings, clear event and fault list information. In addition, battery and wireless connection status is available in advanced menu with service mode and complete user menu configuration.

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