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AJAX - High-end innovative wireless security system, which is both reliable and beautifully designed.

Ajax system is extremely easy to setup and install. It comes with the app, that allows you to monitor what is happening at your home from any place around the world. If you connect Ajax to a central monitoring station, then a mobile guard team will arrive on the alarm. Ajax is unbelievable fast and accurate, it will instantly inform you about the first signs of intrusion, flooding or fire. It can be a push notification, SMS or phone call.

Ajax ecosystem support various types of sensors, which allows to obtain multi-layered protection. They're controlled by Hub — Ajax intelligent security center.  One hub can maintain up to 100 devices at the same time. The backup battery life is up to 10 hours. In case of electricity shutdown Hub has built-in backup battery which will keep it working for 10 extra hours.

Supported Languages: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian


One App for the whole ecosystem.

Download free app on your Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and get permanent access to entire system, or any of the sensors separately from any place around the world. 


AJAX Starter KIT

The Starter Kit includes everything you need for full protection. The Kit consists of two high-precision sensors which monitor what's happening indoors and in case of detection instantly broadcast a signal to the Hub, which also comes in this Kit. Then from the Hub signal is being sent to your smartphone/off-site surveillance center or both, depending on the configuration you choose. Starter Kit also includes a Space Control (Keyfob), which is thin, light and slick designed. You can use it as a handy alternative to your phone app.


All AJAX accessories are connected to the Hub. It is the whole system's brain. It increases the capabilities of the devices, process all the data, controls their operations, and sends alarm messages to the owner's smartphone or to the Central Monitoring Station. Works with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and GSM.

AJAX Detectors

AJAX offers a big variety of different sensors to obtain the best intrusion protection. All of the detectors are wireless and modern looking, have LED indicators and easy to install on any surface.

AJAX Fire Protection

These detectors have their own built-in siren. They are thin, have neat design and are extremely easy to install. They accurately detect not only smoke, but also fire and dangerous carbon monoxide levels in the room.

AJAX Flood Protection

The detectors recognize first signs of leakage, flood or overflow within milliseconds. Sensors also understand when the area dries out and cancels the alarm. They are incredible compact and can be installed in just one minute without using tools.

AJAX Controls

There are three ways to control AJAX system, with your phone, keypad or key fob. Even tho phone is the most functional out of them, often it's not the most convenient one. Because sometimes your phone is out of reach or battery. Maybe you simply don't want to take your smartphone out of your pocket, open app and then setting the alarm off each time you leave or come back home. Maybe you need a quicker, simple solution, which keypad and key fob exactly are. They both are nice designed and beautiful looking aswell as thin. You probably wont even notice this key fob in your pocket.

AJAX Sirens

Indoor and outdoor sound alarms. The devices produce a loud alarm to attract the attention of your neighbors and scare away the robbers. The outdoor version also has a gorgeous lightning to it.

AJAX Relays and Integration modules

The Relays are used to remotely switching on/off household appliances, opening/closing electric locks, gates and roller blinds. It is installed into a wall plate, electric switchboard or junction box.
Integration modules needed for integrating third-party detectors into the Ajax system and for Ajax detectors to operate as part of wired alarm or smart home systems.

Our company was established in 2008 and is one of the leading CCTV cameras and equipment suppliers in Estonia and the Baltics. The most new models and technologies, the latest products from the most famous manufacturers of security equipment for video surveillance systems, and security systems can be found in the equipment catalog on our website.
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